Sports Card Values – Fortunes Found In Cards

Sports card values depend predominantly on the popularity of the player on the card- the more successful the player, the higher is the worth of the card. Rarely available cards and ones in pristine or mint condition are also highly valued. To an ardent collector, correct sports card news regarding the value and authenticity of the card is of great importance to ensure that card trades are truly profitable.

The origin of sports cards can be dated back to the beginning of the 20th century when cloth strips with the names of baseball players were circulated among fans. The size and form of these collectibles were experimented with during the Second World War and it was  ข่าวกีฬา only after this period that such collectibles were manufactured on a regular basis. Today, they feature many of the sports played in North America including baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, golf, hockey, racing and tennis. What started as a simple hobby for avid collectors has now grown into a full-fledged business venture with various online communities listing their values in detail thereby enabling online trading.

Sports card values amount to just as much as a collector is willing to pay. This in turn is determined by the card condition. Any imperfections, such as color spots, blurred images and creases, lead to a decline in its value. Content of the card is the second determinant of the values. Card content includes the career statistics of the player on the card. Rather than the sports or the team played for, an outstanding individual record of the player contributes the greatest to the value of these collectibles. The ones that are scarce or printed in limited edition also boost the sports card values. In fact, the earliest baseball cards printed on cloth strips today fetch as much as USD 800 owing to their scarcity, the rare content and the good condition of these cloth cards.


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